Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality


Marketing expectations are always high, but until what point is this expectation realistic or even sustainable? Well, marketing is a very complex matter and should treated as such. It is impossible to define marketing as a single and independent activity. In fact, we can think of marketing as a nice looking tool box.

marketing expectations: tool box

The box itself is marketing. Inside the box, there are several different tools that when combined, makes a person capable of fixing a piece of furniture. Without the tools inside the box, it would be pretty difficult to achieve the desired result.


The list of tools and softwares that are used in marketing can be quite extensive and complex. The other factor that makes marketing quite complex is that marketing nowadays is mainly digital, meaning the tools, platforms and softwares are constantly updating and evolving.


It is not enough just to have the tools, you need to use them appropriately. This comparison is related to the fact that marketing has a purpose. Meaning that the target or purpose of a marketing campaign has to be define very well before approaching any tools in the box.

nail and screw


Then you also have to consider the fact that the tools are a way to reach your clients and customers and spread your message. However, there is the need of constant content creation. The more useful and unique the content is, the more people will share the content or even consider it as a resource.



marketing expectations

Marketing expectations can at times be unrealistic as they require a lot of research and planning before any action can be undertaken. The results can also take some time to show up. For example, on a website, the algorithm can take from 4 days to 4 weeks to crawl and index your website.

If the marketing campaign goal is to expose a brand and its products or services and to then convert these leads into sales. The nurturing of a lead that will convert into a sale will depend also greatly on the type of product or service on offer. For example, a handbag is more likely to sell faster than a luxurious real estate.

Marketing when done correctly is effective, however, there isn’t a single marketing formula that can be applied. It all varies according to a number of factors and the expectations are usually unrealistic regarding the timing.

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