Brand: What is the importance of it?


Well, a brand is not only a single logo, it is much more than that. A brand is the image and voice of a business portrayed throughout all corporate material and marketing channels.

Businesses perhaps tend to consider marketing more seriously, because the results are more measurable than the results of a brand. Let’s think of a marketing campaign for instance.

There are several “measurable” aspects of a marketing campaign. For example, the number of reach from an ad, or number of leads, the conversion rates of these leads, and number of sales, etc.


The ways of “measuring” a brand are a bit more intangible. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to measure it, and it also doesn’t mean that a brand is less important than marketing. You can easily check if a brand has the minimum requirements to be considered good.

Here is a checklist of 3 basic, but very important factors a business should consider to have in its corporate material and marketing channels.

1. Does it represent the business?

A very important aspect to consider is if the brand represents the business’s products or services, and values. It has to carry the core values and features of the business’s products or services. If not done well, the brand can send a misleading tone and message to clients or customers.

company building

2. Consistency across all channels

If the business has several marketing channels, then the image and tone has to be consistent, or at least be transmitting the same message across all the marketing channels.

brand across social media channels

3. Corporate material?

Nowadays, the digital channels are taking over. Businesses seem to have more and more online presence and this is not a bad thing. However, the offline material still takes a big part of the branding of a business.

A clean and professional looking corporate material enhances more than just the image of a business. And to be honest, most clients and customers assume that if a business cares about their image towards their clients and customers, they will probably care about the products and services they offer these clients and customers.


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